Tarec : I just follow my dream

A few month ago I ve been lucky enough to work on an amazing project.
To make Illustrations for the documentary "Tarec : I just follow my dream" which is a documentary about the UFC fighter Tarec Saffiedine and the sport of MMA.

Those illustrations were made to be animated as matte paintings, so that a CG camera could travel through different layers of drawings.

Tarec is not only an athlete at the highest level of his sport, he's also a huge fan of manga.
One in particular, is his bible and inspiration.


This is why Didier Malchere, the documentary director had this pretty cool idea to use "manga" illustrations.

Here's some of the illustrations (keep in mind these were made to be animated)

Here are some close-ups and extra drawings

Here are some blueprints sketches and work in progress

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Charles Duchesne said...

Ça usine pas mal par ici aussi...
Can't wait to see more!