ING Digital Golem

I ve worked a little bit for Digital Golem this week

I ve done some modelling in XSI

BMS showreel DVD cover

I made that DVD cover for Belgacom.

BMS stands for "Belgacom Media Studio", which is where I work.

I made the DVD menu aswell (all within a few hours).

Toothpaste Monster

Here are some 3D work I ve done for Digital Golem.

This character was made in Zbrush
Created from zspheres
Then I ve used Retopology to made a nice and clean Lowpoly mesh
I ve started the High poly sculpting which was ended by the Digital Golem team.

I ve sculpted this guy's arms and legs in XSI.
(Body is not from me)

The final renders of those monsters will be on my blog as soon as possible.

Top 5 test

Just a test I did in 3DSmax and After effects.

Passion 2 Win

I did those animation in 3DSmax and After Effects.

I receive the logo and had to animate it in 3D.

There's two version because the color of the logo changed during the animation process.


I did all the titles except the last one(the big one).

I did those in After Effects, in a really short period of time.

Belgacom Soccer countdown

I did this short animation in After Effects.

the purpose was to introduce a Tv show about soccer.

Belgacom Zoom Kids

I did all those drawings with my left hand.
But I m actually right-hander!

The idea was to draw characters, movie heroes
and other stuffs in a "child way".

The final result is a nice and simple animation
to introduce movie trailers for childrens
such as Shreck, Monsters vs Aliens or Ice Age.

Belgacom Helpdesk

Here is one of my main work at Belgacom.
I did a bunch of drawings for some video tutorials.
Tutorials about how to use TV decoder, HD TV channels and other stuffs.

Drawings had to be really simple and easy to understand.

The final video is some kind of stop motion animation.

Here is some early drawings.
I did those to design the look of the characters.

Belgacom Website

I had to do a high-resolution copy of the belgacom website home page.
Something about 8000x4500.

The purpose was to be able to zoom in the image inside a short movie.

Here is the final image.

Here is some close ups at full resolution.

Here is the screen shot from the original website.

Happy new year

Nothing special here just a really quick Photoshop editing I did for the Belgacom Staff.


I did these titles in 3DSmax,
I had to redid the same titles as the one of the movie "
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"