Ufo light effect

Just working on the yellow glow light and the animation of it...

the mesh is not from me but from the tutorial.

Ufo, some basic tutorials on maya
envoyé par chimpy

Here with more lights and a nice dark sky.

Ufo 2, some basic tutorials on maya
envoyé par chimpy

Echo stem

The final render image.

Trial bicycle stem

A cool little render of the stem.

A four sided view

A low/high poly view

The model, a picture of the echo stem in the real life

trial bicycle wheel

Really hard to build that object in the faster way.
It needs some spokes and hub. Building some correct
spokes geometry will be harsh.

some updates

Same render view, but with a hub.

Some close up of the hub.

"Alphonse Plume" caracters sketches

I m working on an 2d animation project.

These sketches are made for the design of the animation characters.

Here is the blog of the director http://tamaitusa.blogspot.com/ .

And here ther are his websites


The shark with teeth

Next step . He's got some teeth now.

3d modeling skills

The point is to build the geometry from curbs
(red lines) and not from a cube or a sphere.

It's great because you've got the eddges in the
perfect position for animating the head.

But the challenge is to create the low poly
geometry on paper before scuplting the 3d