Women sketches

Hand made sketches

Awesome Chimp

New after effect title on the way.

This was done in XSI.

Dirty Chimp 2

Another little title on after effect

watch it in HD, way better


I have been on TV a few days ago while I was working at Dreamwall Studio.

This short media coverage was about the 2 new animation series made by Dreamwall.

That's me.

The video:

Chimp Powa

A little something I did with one of these awesome tutorials from videocopilot

Looks pretty cool in HD

Dreamwall rough sketches

Rough sketches again. Quite random but some of them are funny

And here's a few other stuffs I did while working on the storyboards.

Story Board at Dream Wall Dupuis

I m currently working at Dream Wall on story board design for two cartoon animation series.

Can't obviously post my story board on here as I m working on it at the moment.

but here are some rough sketches I m use to draw while I m designing the story boards.

Dreamwall secret work

Here's the secret chick.

I ve work for Dreamwall(DUPUIS) last month. Ive done CG stuffs, Designs and Character Designs.

I can't show my work here yet.

Feel free to ask me some samples, I can still send it by email.