Bad Guy

Quick sculpt on Zbrush (work in progress)

Small updates:

Abstract 3D

I m playing around with a 3d modeling software I found a few days ago.

  • Modeling in Topmod
  • Rendering in XSI
  • Compositing in Photoshop

Some modeling details:

Belgacom Drawings for Februari.

Some new drawings for Belgacom.

Belgacom Jingles

Some work in progress for Belgacom.

Made in XSI and After Effects.

Digital Golem Monsters final renders

Here are the final render from Digital Golem.

I've worked on those guys, mainly on the first stages of the modeling process.

The Zbrush fine details were made by the DG crew


Trial Bike low poly

Particules AE test

Belgacom drawings

Still working for Belgacom, here are some new drawings I made.