Eurasian Girl Character design

Some sketch of a girl.

She looks young and a bit silly but you don't have to mess with her.

She's a human weapon, in some pretty scary ways.

Character design process

I ve creatde a bunch of characters when I was at school.

I draw some of them now to go a lot further in the character design process.

I start this process here with the first sketches of my characters.

Digital Golem's toothpaste monsters

I ve work a little for Digital golem (3D FX company)

I ve modeled some monsters body parts in Zbrush and XSI

3D renders will be posted soon

Here is a sketch I ve made in the subway for the 3D topology.

Pink girl

Some really random sketches I did in my spare time

Christmas Belgacom Logo

I ve made a custom christmas logo for belgacom tv.

Here is the sketch from where I did the final logo.

Here is the logo made in Photoshop.

Here was a test with a real image behind the logo

Soon I will post the final logo, which is slightly different and animated.

Graphic design for a "VTR" guy

I did those 4 logos for a guy I ve met at my actual work

Done in illustrator in a few hours